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Jssica Caroline

Philippe will travel until Dom Eliseu behind Arkiel it will find and it, already to 23hs, in house of loving its, Amanda. Amanda will hear Arkiel to say that its son for guilt of its crooked life lost, and will answer the Arkiel forgets that it forever. In the following morning, Amanda will travel in […]


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Guajira Department

Maicao, favorite son of La Guajira have both common La Guajira Department and Maicao as a city than theirs can be considered a mother and son relationship but in this case with a child whose characteristics and conditions allow you aspire to the appellation of favorite son with which maintains close ties of affection and […]


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All knowing Wife

Wife-ghost A young wife, mortally ill, she decided to speak to her husband, because felt that in a short time it takes from the world: “You do not know dear, how much I love you – I would not want to leave you. I ask you – do not go to the next. And if […]


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Ordinary Love

You also directs the love, do you and the picture. And no doubt in his abilities! To do this, take the broken glass different colors and place it on a board can be the kitchen, it is desirable to her beloved, any song. What do you picture a, depends on you. You can for example, […]