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During many centuries the countries cunharam in gold its currencies of bigger value, reserving the silver and the copper for the lesser values. These systems if had kept until the end of the passed century, when cupronquel e, later, other metallic leagues had very started to be employees, passing to circulate it to the currency for its value extrinsic, that is, for the recorded value in its face, that independe of the metal in contained it. With the advent of the paper-currency the cunhagem of metallic currencies was restricted the inferior, necessary values for changes. Inside of this new function, the durability started to be the quality most necessary to the currency. They appear, in great diversity, the modern leagues, produced to support the high rotation of the money of I change. (MONEY IN BRAZIL). In the Average Age, it appeared the custom of if keeping the values with a silversmith, person who negotiated gold objects and silver.

This, as guarantee, delivered a receipt. With the time, these receipts had passed to be used to effect payments, circulating of hand in hand and giving origin to the paper currency. In Brazil, the first tickets of bank, precursors of the current ballots, had been launched by the Bank of Brazil, in 1810. They had its filled value by hand, as, today, makes with checks. (LEONTIEF, 1986). With the time, in the same way occured with the currencies, the governments had started to lead the emission of ballots, controlling the fakes and guaranteeing the payment power.

Currently almost all the countries possess its central bankings, people in charge of the emissions of ballots and currencies. The paper currency evolved how much to the technique used in its impression. Today the confection of ballots uses paper especially prepared and diverse processes of impression that if complement, giving to the end item great safety margin and conditions of durability.


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