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During many centuries the countries cunharam in gold its currencies of bigger value, reserving the silver and the copper for the lesser values. These systems if had kept until the end of the passed century, when cupronquel e, later, other metallic leagues had very started to be employees, passing to circulate it to the currency […]


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You adore a net social? He is in all or at least in most famous? Orkut, Facebook and Twitter? Therefore then pra arrived plus one to complete its list and better, paid you stop using it. Clearly! Of pra not to be rich, but guarantees good ones changed. It is the Klikot, the social net […]


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CPF Site

A new fever appeared in the Internet and has gained each time more space between galera. One is about the auction of cents, a species of auction saw Internet, that very offers the products for values below of the value of the market, where who I finish to give it launches before I chronometer it […]