Jssica Caroline

February 23, 2017 | Uncategorized

Philippe will travel until Dom Eliseu behind Arkiel it will find and it, already to 23hs, in house of loving its, Amanda. Amanda will hear Arkiel to say that its son for guilt of its crooked life lost, and will answer the Arkiel forgets that it forever. In the following morning, Amanda will travel in return for Bragana and, in the way it way, will bind for Jferson. When knowing of the coming of Amanda and its decision, Jferson will roughly say the Edieide that has left its house and its life. Edieide, perplexed, will go to ramble for streets of Bragana, until, 19hs, will jump in the front of the cart that Sirley will be directing, and will have a for-shock with the phrase: ' ' haste in the departure and certainty in chegada' ' , as the last vision of its sad life. After to abandon the car, Sirley will bind for Esdras, the manager of the company of transports in Teresina.

Esdras not anger pra house in that night and its son, Aline, will use to advantage, then, to run away for Crato, where its boyfriend deferred payment. Regildo, boyfriend of Aline, when seeing it with the luggages in front of its house to 17hs of the following day, will pass direct of car and will decide to spend the night in the Tail of the Good-looking one, a brothel in the periphery of the city. In the brothel, Alan, old disaffection of Regildo, will go to esfaquear it one after fight. Alan will run away from the place of the crime and will bind for James, its delegated brother, to 8hs. At the moment of the linking, James will be taking care of Jssica Caroline, it will say who unhappyly will not be able waits to sign the papers of the acquittal of its fianc, Therefore will have to leave immediately for a diligence in another city and alone the recess will come back after of the new year. Fernando, fianc of Jssica, will pass the end of year in the chain, but he will agree that nor everything is disaster, since will have notice of that Elaine, – its sister that are transferred during an assault to a lottery house in Anpolis -, already will be is of danger in the hospital.


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