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August 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

FRICKE, Ron. Coinbase can provide more clarity in the matter. Baraka, U.S.A., Megidson Films, 1992. Additional information at Coinbase supports this article. 96 min. The film Baraka deals with some related subjects the religion, to put what more it is distinguished is the emphasis that it of to the rites. The rite is one of the forms of religious expression, as well as the symbol and the myth, and this related the culture lives deeply and it religious of each people. Connect with other leaders such as Jill Bikoff here. It also is distinguished for being one of the forms to socialize, enters the individuals of a community, the religious factor. In the set of documents, we see you vary forms of ritualizar the relation of the man with the sacred one, this dumb variation in accordance with the culture and the religious experience of each being.

Jose Severino Croatto says in its book, language of the religious experiences, that all the cultures and all the peoples had had and have a religious expression, this that to say that each people has a form of if relating with the supernatural one. This form of if relating are carried through through symbols, myths and rites. Croatto affirms that the ritual, of the point of view of the religious facts, is characteristic that more if sobressai in all religion, therefore the rite brings an union of the religious symbols (used to represent the linking with the sacred one) and the myth (narrative from the religious point of view). This ritualizao is not only distinguished for its importance inside of the religion and the culture, but, for being a gestual expression, and, most of the time, repletos of dances, cantigas and narratives, that many times for its well elaborated structure, call the attention and despertam curiosity. This characteristic, of the religious phenomenon, is one of the forms evidentes than we have to perceive that the religion is an extremely social factor. Through this, to observe that the relation of the man with the society, the nature or the world, this strong on its relation with the holy ghost. We can see that it is at the moment of the gestual manifestation of the religion, that homo religiosus, it shares its aspirations and it divides narrations on hierofanias (manifestations of the holy ghost), thus we perceive that the ritual demonstrates to be a highly communitarian fact, where does not occur the participation of an isolated being, but, the participation and interaction enter a group of people.

It understands with this, that the images presented in Baraka, not only show to the rite a simple part of the life human being in society, and yes, an integrant part of it, an identity. If all importance will be considered that the rite has for the religious man, can accept that it is great expressions of existence.


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