Ordinary Love

February 10, 2017 | Uncategorized

You also directs the love, do you and the picture. And no doubt in his abilities! To do this, take the broken glass different colors and place it on a board can be the kitchen, it is desirable to her beloved, any song. What do you picture a, depends on you. You can for example, your spouse's favorite flower, and important words: "I love you always." Stay in this genius moment, create and go for it! Who knows, you may enjoy not only a gift to his wife … and you will succeed! All women love flowers. But today – glass wedding. This means that you can give a bouquet of flowers just do not, and smells.

Buy three vial of her favorite perfume, preferably in a wedding decoration. This "glass bouquet" like any woman! Also a nice gift – a crystal casket in the middle – ring with a stone. You're the first time too gave a wedding ring, right? When you wear on her finger, a declaration of love! And what about the woman? Gifts to the groom with 15 years experience of her husband? For example, a composition "in the subject-object." Ordinary bottle, but within placed, for example, ship or truck. Ship – as a symbol of "family sailing on life spaces – wonderful! After all, your husband and the captain at the helm! But the car – fulfillment of desires "favorite" in the future. After all, most men considered his second love was a car. In this direction fits well with the crystal pattern magical signs famous brand "Mercedes" or "BMW", made of stones Svorovski.

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