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December 27, 2023 in Uncategorized by

Golden Autumn In Bavaria – Pack The Hiking Boots!

“Three questions for the way Manager Michael Korner three questions to Michael Korner, the road Manager of the gold platform: what does it mean for the hikers, if a way a quality way” is? Especially tested quality. The gold trail has been awarded the certificate “Quality way walkable Germany” for three years. Then the way […]


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Ruhr Valley

Towards the East, the forest route crosses the Arnsberg forest and the large nature reserve in widths break-Neuhaus and then descends into the Ruhr Valley near Bestwig, Olsberg. The last stages pass eventually into in the Diemelsee nature park, until the target in Marsberg. The entire tour and the individual stages of the Sauerland forest […]


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Economic Hotels Service

There are a few trips that are desired by the adventure that involves travel without luxuries or comforts. They are travel without contacts, or employment of travel agencies, involving large hotels, group tours and planned activities, which take the real intention of a journey of adventure. In travel on foot, are seeking new experiences, really […]


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Best Option Youth Recreation

Bus tours have long been interested in young European tourists, in fact in Western Europe, this kind of leisure is essential for low-income students or just fans of seeing the world from the car window. Youth summer vacation in the CIS is a trip to somewhere on cheap resorts with not a very good level […]