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Deflation – Inflation Currency Reform?

Investment opportunities 2010 – the Fox Geldanlagbuch 2010 theme: explode the deficit of the industrialized nations. But consumer prices start to fall. Currently. But: it stays that way? Are deleveraging the States do not have the (hyper) inflation? Or is there even a currency reform at the end? And how could she go across the […]


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Salary Improve

That’s a fair question in these days. On the one hand we want to improve our status in life. But on the other hand, things that they will not us as well as for that. Clear, we could save, look for a better job, having two jobs, etc. but is that possible or at least […]


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Hamburg Mr

Reederei KG: the investment company is in such a way going to invest the funds at the disposal that after deducting the costs of Fund payouts to investors in height by an average of 7.5% per annum are expected. For 2009 and 2010 a dividend of 3.0% is guaranteed per annum by the BD-Shipsnavo GmbH […]


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Athletical Sports

More specifically, in the region where to the Square of the Nations and the Bonsucesso Station would be constructed, of then the Leopoldina Railway (Railroad Leopoldina, from the decade of 1940). According to site of the club, its first official field was in the Street Uranus, inaugurated in 03.02.1918, in a defeat of 3×4 for […]


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Terra Being

He did not have protests – in part due to the strong project of seguranamontado by the Chinese authorities in the region – but the tone of the speech of the leader spiritual of Tibet it surprised for the virulence. It accused Pequim with ‘ ‘ genocide cultural’ ‘ to transform Tibet into ‘ ‘ […]