Guajira Department

February 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

Maicao, favorite son of La Guajira have both common La Guajira Department and Maicao as a city than theirs can be considered a mother and son relationship but in this case with a child whose characteristics and conditions allow you aspire to the appellation of favorite son with which maintains close ties of affection and very unique links of harmony. Here are some of the reasons why we cannot consider Maicao as the spoiled son of our beautiful Department: Maicao. stimulates the economy of much of the Colombian Caribbean and, particularly, the entire La Guajira. When Maicao has cold all the peoples they sneeze. Trade in Maicao takes the pantry of commercial establishments and households of large number of peoples in various departments and in the process of dispensing them generate substantial business and creates a significant number of jobs. If Maicao goes well its trading partners smile.

If, on the contrary, to Maicao some mishap that often occur, the smile happens He disappears and instead draws a grimace of concern. Maicao is the pole of development and its influence is vital for everyone at the four points of the peninsular geography. Maicao has the largest number of inhabitants. It can be that the DANE figures are not in accordance with this statement but it is a fact that Maicao is growing every day as a result of new families that are formed and also of those who will lie in its soil pushed well by the violence of their places of origin, either by poverty and usually come to stay. About 130 thousand people live, work and dream in the urban area of the town of the grandfather of the beards of corn.

Maicao is one of the indigenous municipalities of La Guajira. Along with Uribia and Manaure becomes the Wayuu triangle. Undoubtedly it is the municipality with highest number of indigenous families which should include approximately five hundred belonging to the ethnic group Zenu, duly organized in his cabildo and with their traditional authorities.


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