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Diaz Science

The hipertrofia of the reason, according to Diaz-Rock (2009), generates one accented irracionalismo that provokes the closing of the canals to state the values and emotions, making with that aesthetic manifestations as the dance, the ritual and the art in a generalized manner are moved away from our daily life that more goes being filled […]


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Planet Land – The Well Biggest One

Planet land: A well bigger our planet is the well most precious one of all, without it as it is that we go to live, without air, water, land is impossible. But unhappyly it is being destroyed, and is exactly for who more necessary of it. The man. A great example of what it is […]


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The Activities

In the truth, the adjusted nomenclature more would be ' ' lixo controlado.' ' The incineration alone is an option when the process has guarantees of that it will not go to poluir air, confirming itself sufficiently expensive e, therefore, only economically viable for some types of residues of the health services. Moreover, it has […]


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Leonardo Boff Citizenship

The ethics concept, in turn, is closely on to the understanding of that we must take care of and ' ' to know cuidar' ' , as it affirms Boff (2005); respecting the others and environment where we live, exerting our rights and duties while citizens, understanding that the citizenship is imbricada to the performance […]


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Symbolic Relations

In this sentidono it is possible to establish an unilateral determination between the two elements. Porconseguinte, to study the interface society – nature, in the perspective to deexplicar the relationships between these two domnios of the reality, to requerreconhecer that the ambient question has a paper important in the direction to dereorientar new relations of […]


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Los Angeles

Already in 1989, twenty years later, the studies carried through in the seismic abalos of that region had shown that the State of California could be if separating of the American Continent, what makes in them to conjecture in our transcendentais divagaes the trplice assumption in relation to the future destination of that littoral band: […]


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More adverse the ambient problems are each time, therefore nowadays it is essential to find solutions that they minimize or sacie such negative impacts. The wastefulness of substance and energy, the improper use of the ground and the sources must be banished of the development models. To solve the crisis habitacional also is in primordial […]