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Environment And Economy

The planet being observed lately this reacting of violent form for the attitudes and irresponsibility of the men with the environment. The valuation of the industrialized products is increasing each time more and finishing with the had value that all we have that to give to our natural goods, that for moment still we have […]


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Government And Credit

With this it arrives in port of resources that had been transferred of the National Treasure to the BNDES the available total of resources to investments in 2009 are of R$ 166 billion, that will be set free for private initiative. One has broken in emission of heading and another one in available financial resources. […]


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Terra Being

He did not have protests – in part due to the strong project of seguranamontado by the Chinese authorities in the region – but the tone of the speech of the leader spiritual of Tibet it surprised for the virulence. It accused Pequim with ‘ ‘ genocide cultural’ ‘ to transform Tibet into ‘ ‘ […]


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Fixed Income

Previously, it appeared in first place, with 15 deep considered excellent ones. Ranking was elaborated by the RiskOffice and understands the period of June of 2004 the deep June of 2005.Os that they had had excellent classification are: Institucional Ita Referenciado DI Fl, Ita BB Performance Fixed Income FICFI, Institucional Ita Short term FICFI, Institucional […]


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Santana City

That for this study the data are only relatively significant, therefore they are the formal activities that originate fiscal effect. 5.4.1- EstatsticosA pointers methodology to delimit the classified cities geographically how much to the dynamism of its productive structure, and with this to reach the objectives of this research, will be the use of those […]


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Regions South Culture

f) If the Regions South and Southeastern, for reason of different climate, could be disabled of produir fruits so appreciated how much the ones that we produce here. g) If the case could be given of, in the regions of industrial tradition, the production of fruits processed and to be exported, with added value, without […]