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Great East African Rift

Looking at the oak and chestnut honey bought, we moved on. Another two miles and we saw the dolmens. Near walking pigs, and, judging by their crooked tail, they feel themselves quite well. Although in the forest site was enough, the pigs for some reason it took to come in here, as if some unseen […]


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Rings Partner

What can signify the onset of a ring in their dreams depends on how you see it appear, the following are some of the ways in which these dreams are generally presented the ring is a symbol of power, the meaning of your dream will depend on the form is submitted. According to the information […]


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During many centuries the countries cunharam in gold its currencies of bigger value, reserving the silver and the copper for the lesser values. These systems if had kept until the end of the passed century, when cupronquel e, later, other metallic leagues had very started to be employees, passing to circulate it to the currency […]


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Our memory is so powerful that when starts to give the first signals of weakness, then perceives. In fact, our memory is capable to record as much thing, in as much way, linked to such point, that not even the most advanced computers it world possesss capacity to surpass it. Credit: Nikesh Arora-2011. Our memory […]