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Book Everything

Then if it to find that you are being old and without tato, it goes to think that you are an old one with little adding it. If, on the other hand, you will be at an excellent moment of its life, and if to feel well therefore and for that you conquered it goes […]


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Social Communication

He seems that it was yesterday, I I had 13 years, nor dreamed to be journalist, but it drew substances and ‘ ‘ fotos’ ‘ of the Periodical of the Mood, made artisan with black the Bic penxs. ‘ ‘ fotos’ ‘ they gained different textures with the use of the rough side of the […]


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New Students Profile

In the year of 2009, differently of what it occurred in years of 2006, a 2007 and 2008, when majority of the students that participated of the Program was of the masculine sex, of a total of 92 students whom they had answered to the questionnaire, 50 is of the feminine sex and 42 are […]


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Marista Institute Pupils

The work of the maristas was if developing fluentemente with a number of pupils each time bigger, and same functioning later as gymnasium, with capacity to still shelter a bigger amount of people, the brothers and families of the alunado one were not satisfied with its localization, wanted a more central place of the city. […]