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Fasihi Enterprise Portal

Ludwigshafen IT company reaches milestone in further development of the own portal solution Fasihi GmbH portal (FEP) s has reached in the further development of the Fasihi Enterprise again a milestone. The portal supports well the integration of portlets, which comply with the standards JSR (Java specification request) 168 or JSR 286. Portlets are Visual […]


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Paper AutoStore

Example travel expenses: Employee scans his documents, generates a searchable PDF, entering index data such as date, Department and employee name and saves it to the SharePoint Directory. “With SmarTicket this operation would shorten significantly, by one crosses only one of several storage target fields such as scanning travel documents” or scanning at home “and […]


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agorum core allows reading out the billing information of the new format of ZUGFeRD. To process invoices, automated, streamlined business processes, ensures complete data collection and minimizes manual. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mining. To facilitate this, the Forum has developed electronic invoice Germany (FeRD) the standardized invoice format ZUGFeRD (Central user guide of the […]


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Adyton System Enters OEM Partnership With Symantec

With the integration of Symantec RuleSpace in its safety application Adyton systems strengthens its next – generation firewall. Leipzig, July 3, 2012. Adyton system and Symantec will work together in the future as an OEM partner. The partnership will enable the Adyton systems AG to equip its next-generation firewall with additional functions in the area […]


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Planner Management

Genius offers inside a project management tool, which leads through a resource module to a larger ROI Lindau, Germany – (November 03, 2011) resource management is part of the genius project project management and the objective as effectively as possible to insert all stakeholders (resources). For companies that have a large project portfolio is making […]


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Steigenberger Hotel Group

-The OXSEED combines the advantages of remote access via the Internet with a timely and central storage of electronic data archives. It meets all the criteria from the legal and audit-proof storage and retention up to the comfortable search function. -An intelligent and highly scalable software solution for the capture, indexing, separation, conversion, distribution and […]

CRM Made In Germany - Free Train For Marketing, Sales And Service

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CRM Made In Germany – Free Train For Marketing, Sales And Service

Cobra-partner media service is the all inclusive package for professional customer management before Hannover, February 2012. The media service consulting & solutions GmbH, long-time partner of cobra with locations in Hannover and Munster, presents the all inclusive package for professional customer management. Cobra CRM products give additional clout in sales, marketing and service users and […]