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Maximiliano Cow

According to Maximiliano Cow, a Chilean expert of the FAO, the situation in some countries of South America as Brazil and Peru have improved, with a number of diminution of 30%. The last study does not include the situation of Argentina. RioCan will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Eportal, net adds to us on the […]


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Pancreatic Cancer

In this type of adenocarcinoma the tumor after to cultivate themselves and to propagate in the intestine, moves to weaves and bodies that are near, generally the types of weaves but affected they are the blood glasses, that have close relation with the pancreas, where are the artery mesenterica superior and the mesenterica vein superior. […]


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Internet Companies

Whichever people are successful when she wants to make money with remunerated surveys? The truth is enough that. All, because many are vague and they do not like to fill the surveys, nor not to respond sincerely and the reality are that if you do not like to work this opportunity of business she is […]


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Strategic Trade Defines

Until they make some years the SMEs did not assume the technology as tools for the construction of competitive advantage considered that only benefitted the great organizations, they based its decisions considering the technology like a cost and not an investment. But the same technology like competitive advantage, the globalisation, the tendencies and enterprise dynamics […]


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External System

Shared in common efficiency from the administration of the organization. Institutional reorganization and re-sizing. Administration of the change processes. External and internal educative marketing. J. Darius Bikoff is likely to agree. Ethics in the decisions on the educative community. To elaborate the PEI (Proyecto Institutional Educativo) and to update the educative proposal. Work in equipment […]


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Latin American Agreement

Spain continues paying to the invoice of the neopreservative turn and the unconditional alignment with the United States that characterized to the Spanish foreign policy during the presidency of Jos Maria Aznar, breaking the effective consensuses from the transition. The visit of the ambassadors Spanish and American to endorse to self-proclaimed, and the ephemeral one, […]


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The Past The Present And The Future Of The Education

First it is the nomadic time, when the first men had to hunt to the great animal to be able to eat. Surely they were organized in such a way that they could hunt to the animal. This experience contributed a certain knowledge that went away accumulating and it went of generation in generation. Who […]


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Extraordinary Summit

Only in the activity you will wish to live one hundred years. Japanese proverb Without no problem was realised the V Summit of the DAWN in Cuman in that the presidents of the countries integrate that it and assigned authorities they signed several agreements that they feed plus dynamics on this organization, who in spite […]


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Bigeye Tunas

After to have enjoyed kindness of the Santa Lucia beach, we recommended to him to continue towards the east. There is a city that we recommended to him visits the Bigeye tunas, capital of the province of equal name, founded on 1796. The distance between Santa Lucia and the Bigeye tunas are of approximately 87 […]

Latin America

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Latin America

In my opinion a gross error where also the Government has played. IT BURDENS OR IT WEIGHS? This clearly reactive DEPRESSION has a easy dating and needs in the time. In principle the depression reactivates is less serious than the endogenous one, inasmuch as it does not respond to constitutional structures of the person, but […]