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Having Luck

Many times can happen that you feel you don’t have luck at work, that is going badly and that the world is against yours. If you want to get lucky at work, note very much the recommendations that we will give you the following: 1) accepts the failure. The world is full of opportunities, they […]


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Distant Planet

In a planet distanteJ I counted many histories that had happened in a future not very distant. But this that heard, is not of the future, is of the gift. Who counted to me was my friend. He is on what it happened in a planet, visinho. So close to us that its inhabitants, a […]


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Planet Land – The Well Biggest One

Planet land: A well bigger our planet is the well most precious one of all, without it as it is that we go to live, without air, water, land is impossible. But unhappyly it is being destroyed, and is exactly for who more necessary of it. The man. A great example of what it is […]