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Chemi Culture

Neatly Simferopol district, with a. Kropotkin Nizhnegorsky district and many others. The dead are laid in an extended supine position with bent at the knees or, more rarely, in the crouched position on their side and usually sprinkled with red ocher. Burial pit or coping wooden flooring. Not rich grave goods and monotonous. As a […]


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North America

' ' The concept of Natural law is considered then under the support of the rationalism, that of course would belong to the man, because it had been born human and not for virtue of its social classroom, or for belonging the definitive country, ethnic group or religioso' '. As much the Iluminismo how much […]


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Revolutionary Process

This article intends to make one brief analysis of the occurred revolutionary process in the South Africa, in what it refers to, the period of the Apartheid. For this we have as objective problematizar the conjunctures since period, that is, we look for with understanding the occurred process of segregation. The South Africa, situated in […]


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12 Techniques Of Online Marketing

The World Wide Web (Web) experienced a steady growth.All days are created hundreds of pages and Web sites, many of which are oriented and focused on the creation of a business in the network either to the same as that already have offline the majority of Web users use search engines of type Google to […]