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Instead Of Specific

Instead of specific innovations, White decided that the measure by which to judge the evolution of culture was energy. For White the main function of culture is to “harness and control energy. Divide human development in five states: In the first, men use the energy of their own muscles. You may want to visit The […]


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Planetary Ethics

It has seen that much has been said on a global conscience, on the preservation of the species and of the care it stops with the nature. Still today we erificamos these boardings and the boarding also of a espiritualidade. On account of the global heating, the Land is inside of a new situation. This […]


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The Cup Of Happiness

Life is a cup full of happiness, but never gives you full. They give you a sip from time to time, you have one sip to go filling, drop by drop, every day, to survive. Do not moan the passing of your misfortunes, tragedies predicting or being frightened by imaginary evils which may never come […]


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One can not ask: who am I? without wondering what the other for me? (question to which responds the delirious love) and who am I to the other? (question to which responds the erotomania). I will discuss an erotomaniac moment in an analysis: Jose builds a delusion that I am jealous of the nurse, jealousy […]


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Dichotomy X BADLY always will exist WELL It is part of the legion of that they continue resisting, bravely, to the negative, to the forces of the EVIL that tries to impose its legend in the hearts of the people. To withdraw is that simply not to give up. It is to deny the imensurvel […]


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Human Development

The term development wants to say evolution, progress, movement, change, growth, where we can fixing in them in the biological part, emotional, intellectual or social. The biological development is not independent of the social one and this is not separate of the intellectual. In the highest point, all are related. Jeffrey Hayzlett is a great […]


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Porsche Cayenne Turbo

One of the special characteristics of the Cayenne is the use of multiphase steels. Representing a unique combination of exceptional hardness and resistance resistant strains, these springy alloys satisfy the basic requirements regarding safety. Cayenne has a 2-phase airbags for driver and front passenger. Front airbags are supplemented a new system of protection against side […]


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Cultural Syndrome

The culture of the fired syndrome: how reassure survivors? The dismissal process occurred in a single day. Each employee was told that he was at his desk at nine in the morning. Those who received a call to the Office of the director at first time were dismissed. Gave them a few envelopes rosa, their […]


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The Multitude

' ' the young, hearing this word, left sad, because possua many propriedades.' ' Mat 19; 22 Nicodemos prince exaltou the miracles made for Mr., instead of envaidecer itself with the compliment, touched in the crucial point, Nicodemos was died; ' ' This was to have of night with Jesus, it said to it: Rabi, […]