All knowing Wife

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Wife-ghost A young wife, mortally ill, she decided to speak to her husband, because felt that in a short time it takes from the world: “You do not know dear, how much I love you – I would not want to leave you. I ask you – do not go to the next. And if you dare … – I will not leave you alone, I’ll come to you in the form of ghosts. ” (This story was sent to the site of stories Blackstory). And soon she was dead. Three months later, “her husband” still met her new love, although hitherto faithfully kept the last wishes of his late wife.

They decided to start a family and get married. And immediately after their engagement to the future bride was be his ex-wife. And all the time, when she appeared – missed an opportunity to accuse her husband of infidelity. In addition, the ghost was very astute: all describe exactly that happened between the betrothed. All the gifts that he gave it to describe a favorite with incredible accuracy. Even the meaning of Valentine’s ghost could talk to pass, especially when it is not straining – a man could no longer tolerate such abuse.

He then suggested to resort to the Zen master, who lived near their village. Naterpevshis enough, the man still went to the master. – Interestingly, it means that your wife has died and is now a ghost to you, but still knows all about you! – Concluded the master. – All little things, you say, you know? What, where and with whom? .. Very much knowing you have a ghost. You should be proud of such a ghost. The next time it appears, asked her to sign a contract with you. If she really knows everything, she would answer you in an easy question to answer on that depends whether you get married again or not. – And what exactly should be the issue? – Decided to find one. In answer was: “The Scoop” with his palm and soybean asked her how many you hold the beans. If you do not answer the ghost, then it’s – your imagination raging. As soon as the spirit came again, the man has not stinted on the compliments. – Yes, I know a lot, even then, that today you went to a monk – said ghost. – And once you know everything, then tell me how many beans behind me in his hand? – Said the widower. But there was no reply – the spirit was not .

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