Having Luck

June 23, 2017 | Uncategorized

Many times can happen that you feel you don’t have luck at work, that is going badly and that the world is against yours. If you want to get lucky at work, note very much the recommendations that we will give you the following: 1) accepts the failure. The world is full of opportunities, they are not all for you, and it may happen that most of them do not work. Success comes from failure, but in the words of Bob Dylan, the failure is not success at all. The failure is expected. Success is gratifying and lucrative, but if for some reason you fail at something, never accept it, deny it. In this way, earn more points to have luck at work.

And that’s why winning is so lucrative, because very few reach, not by luck or talent or skill, but by the lack of determination and foresight to overcome the first one or two or twelve failures. (2) Believes in the opportunity. If wish to have luck at work must be available, be prepared, and wait for the opportunity. If you don’t believe it, if you don’t see it, and the chance and luck going long, you will lose it. If you are available, and feel wanted to be prepared, opportunities will reach you quickly. If you believe in it, you will manage everything what you propose. If you think that there is an opportunity for around every corner, you’ll never see it.

(3) Wait to work how much more work there is, you will have more luck. Nobody licks are the things that cause the real success and value in their lives. Always try to have work, don’t let others to so by you, this way the fate always will be with you, how much more work you have, you will have more luck.


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