Distant Planet

June 22, 2017 | Uncategorized

In a planet distanteJ I counted many histories that had happened in a future not very distant. But this that heard, is not of the future, is of the gift. Who counted to me was my friend. He is on what it happened in a planet, visinho. So close to us that its inhabitants, a people very developed, have visited our planet in some chances. Good At least he was what my friend counted to me. That he was, by the way, who counted to all history to me. It was who counted that he has friendship with some people of this planet.

E what it counted is what I go to count now Therefore I do not know if it is truth. I do not believe, but, as it is history of another world! Who knows? Friend said my that Lisarb, this is the name of the planet, thus counted my friend, who its friends had counted, is a planet very seemed with ours. That he is only squared, but wants to be round, to use to advantage the rotation movement better. But it wheel, thus exactly. It goes half to the hard jolts, but it goes.

Well, back in Lisarb, it has a called country Ainodnor. My friend said who the friend of it there of Lisarb, it said that the planet is not only perfect because the inhabitants of this country, Ainodnor leave to happen much thing that was not to happen. it counted there to me that the friend of it counted that back in Ainodnor, in the last times walks lacking professors. He has much formed people, (therefore it is a developed world) but that many do not want more being professors and others that are professors they are abandoning the career, others are entering in a depression wave, stress Everything not to have that to go for classroom.


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