Planet Land – The Well Biggest One

June 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

Planet land: A well bigger our planet is the well most precious one of all, without it as it is that we go to live, without air, water, land is impossible. But unhappyly it is being destroyed, and is exactly for who more necessary of it. The man. A great example of what it is happening with our planet and the situation of the biological reserve of the Cut Rock, before paradisiacal place that shelters one from the last original forests of Atlantic Bush northeast Brazilian and are needing urgent aid. Already in the open entrance, bare places the axe blows. Mountain range of the Guaribas, enters the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas. The reserve of the Cut Rock is the last sanctuary of the queen of the orqudeas: cattleya labiata alone is found in the altitude forests, but the centennial trees, that serve of that shelter for the species, are in the aiming of the lumber.

All the reserve is cut by tracks and is hundreds. They have about a meter and way of width. They are for these ways that the ox cars cross it kills, taking the noble wood, that has more commercial value. One to one, the giant trees are marked and falling of trees. They had not respected not even a centennial one of 20 meters of height. Not even the minors are the saved one: every day, 70 families of one who holds legal titles to property remove wood of the bush to make firewood. The forest also kills the headquarters of the population. They are rising of pure water, that supplies 100 a thousand inhabitants of five cities of the region.

' ' It is a pity to see a forest of this to disappear being insubstituvel' '. (removed stretch of a substance of the national periodical). Among others queo thousand of things man makes and that they affect our Planet. ' ' Of the one not to understand the position of some people in relation what it is happening in our planet. All the medias divulge the all moment the damages that this attitude cause to the environment, what it can happen with the planet, and consequentemente, the damages to the man. Exactly thus, the man continues deforesting the reserves, poluindo the rivers, burning, among others atrocities committed to the environment. I do not mention myself specifically to this in case that, but also to many others and in all the places of the world. She will be that these people do not understand that they are not destroying the forests and the environment alone. But she is also destroying the planet and consequentemente the race human being futuramente.' ' But she is also destroying the planet and consequentemente the race human being futuramente.' ' For: Camila to sound.


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