Regions South Culture

December 4, 2013 | Uncategorized

f) If the Regions South and Southeastern, for reason of different climate, could be disabled of produir fruits so appreciated how much the ones that we produce here. g) If the case could be given of, in the regions of industrial tradition, the production of fruits processed and to be exported, with added value, without concurring with the fruits of the Cear. h) If here north-eastern, beyond the sugar cane of sugar, traditional culture of the region, it gains prominence the agriculture of tropical fruits, in the irrigated areas. i) If the good performance of comodities agriculturists, (coffee, cacao, sugar, soy and others) in states as Pernambuco, Bahia, Alagoas and So Paulo, could be cause of possible disinterest for the culture and exportation of fruits. ANALYSIS OF the HYPOTHESES) the fact of being of recent construction does not guarantee that it is, it, most equipped of what its competitors. A responsible governor would not agree to equipping the pertaining to the state of Cear port better, allowing to the obsolncia the important terminals, as of Saints, River of Jneiro, Salvador and others. Exactly Suape, competing greater of Pecem, north-eastern, would be equipdo so well how much they demand its functions.

To only illustrate, we register that, there, the wharf of multiple use entered in operaesem 1991, while the noso not yet was construido. Recently, the Logstica Institute and Supply Chainllos considered optimum Suape poto of Brazil. b) It is truth that the climate of the Cear favors the production of tropical fruits, but is not true to affirm that the pertaining to the state of Cear Humid Mountain ranges are vocacionadas for this. In addition, they occupy small fraction of the territory and, in the majority of the cases, its ground flat, characteristic are happened of its crystalline naturesa. The only mountain range of the Cear formed for sedimentary rocks is of Viosa, in the border with the Piau, but currently she is being used to advantage for the culture of roses.


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