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Installation of plastic Windows with glass and heat insulation as a first step to newly Ulm/Lohfelden, 2009 after change of ownership agreed which of 17 multi-family townhouses with 85 homes in the Lohfeldener Sohrestrasse on the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH, the announced and planned in detail renovations begin now. The acquisition of real estate was, as with all objects of Monarchis previously, entirely in equity. The Neu-Ulm real estate and financial services company of Monarchis has purchased 17 homes with 85 units in Lohfelden, near Kassel. The change of ownership took place in early April this year completely from its own resources. This means that Monarchis has financed so far all real estate 100% of equity. During the banking crisis with very restrained lending, financing from equity is a big advantage. Since the acquisition of houses, Monarchis was very active.

The building of professionals were examined in precisely to determine the redevelopment and renovation needs. Brought all the possibilities and assessed. These days, the tenant about were informed that the necessary renovations will begin shortly. The goal is sustainable value to the houses, to increase the quality of living, and in particular through the implementation of energetic measures to reduce the rental costs. The window are not state of the art technology in all houses. Therefore, all 335 window are replaced by modern plastic Windows with glass and heat insulation in a first step.

The tenants were informed by the company, so that the measure can be quickly and smoothly. Furthermore, it is still planned to renew the front doors, the apartment entrance doors and letterbox systems, as well as to perform heat insulation measures on roofs and basements. Already in 2010, all multi-family row houses will be equipped with new heating systems. Here are various heating systems in the pre-selection. In any case, the company will decide for a trend-setting technology; under the condition that the technology both environmentally conscious. as is also energy – efficient and it saves money. More information under: or

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