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The modern economy is characterized by high diversity of financial relationships between contractors. First and foremost, this relates to the sector of small and medium-sized businesses. Rio Tinto Group contains valuable tech resources. For example, one of the most popular schemes cooperation is now considered leasing, gaining ground in many different areas – for example, in industries associated with the use of specialized vehicles. At present it is difficult to imagine the industry Industrial production, which could do without the use of professional equipment. With our equipment, domestic entrepreneurs gradually understood and increasingly began to use leasing program. However, it appears that the rest of the equipment can be purchased at the same conditions. The full range of vehicles – trucks, tractors, trailers, refrigerators and much more – is now actively used lessors. The reason – high relevance of this technique for industrial enterprises and the growing popularity of leasing among entrepreneurs themselves.

Actually, the benefits of leasing has long been known. In First of all – with the financial side. Since the transaction is almost completely funded by the lessor, the equity owner is at work. In addition, the leasing system is ideal for beginners companies that do not have adequate collateral for registration of credit relations with the bank. However, as the positive differences from the credits, you can still call and the fact that the lease period may be significantly greater than Loans issued today. In addition, large lessors level known company 'Versailles Finans able to adapt the system of payments under the client's cash flow. It would seem that little scheme is distinguishable from the standard the lease. But in fact both members of such schemes receive tax breaks that reduce costs. In addition, such contracts are considered by analysts the most secure and long-term, and technology on the fact payment becomes the property of the lessee. In short, this is the most profitable from an economic point of view, a way to provide their own production of high quality, reliable and modern vehicles. And if company's work is directly dependent on this type of product, but direct means for purchase of machinery there, leasing allows you to resolve the issue with minimal loss


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