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In that day, it was in the cafeteria, the same table of the way, as in all the afternoons, taking its hot chocolate and eating its cheese cake. It was always the same ritual since that it starts to work in the office of its father who was in that block. After lowering the mug of its lips it looked at distraidamente for a table of it I sing right and saw that a youngster who also took a mug of hot chocolate with chocolate pie smiled for it. It left it to this half perplexed, it still looked at for the sides imagining if it had smiled for another person, but if he gave account that the smile is exactly directed it. Half without favour with the attitude of the stranger, it smiled shyly in return and it still looked at for its cheese cake for the half, but fortuitous, after two seconds it looked at again for the youngster and it still smiling it made a gesture for the superior part of its lips. It was confused. What it wanted to say to it? It then held a cloth napkin of the table and led to the proper lips signaling for it.

It enrubeceu, caught its quickly estojinho of make-up in the stock market she opened, it and to to confer itself in espelhinho saw bigodinho of the hot chocolate in same itself. It took its napkin to the lips and after that it waved with the head being thankful the stranger for having informed to it. It smiled again and assented with the head. After asking for the account and leaving it paid, he arose themselves, he passed for its table and if he directed for the exit. It folloied its passage until seeing it to disappear. In the following day, it one sat down in its habitual table, with its mug of chocolate and its cheese cake and was the same youngster in the table of it there sings right.


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