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The results of the study have been published by a French newspaper. 62% Of respondents opt for progressively stop nuclear program of his country. On the other hand, has lowered the percentage of the concerned with the energy of this type. Credit: Nikesh Arora-2011. The majority of the citizens of France, the European country with more atomic power plants, wants to progressively abandon nuclear energy, according to a poll published Sunday by the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche. 62% Of queried citizens opt for stop progressively within a period of between 25 and 30 years of France nuclear program, while 15% prririan to stop nuclear power plants quickly. However, the same poll, conducted this week across the country and with a representative sample of 1,005 people aged 18 years, indicates that it has lowered the percentage of which are manifested worried Gallic nuclear plants.

Are 45% which they claim to be concerned by your State, less than the 56% who expressed it the past April. The newspaper that published the poll concludes that the results show that the nuclear issue is going to star in the campaign for the presidential election which will be held in 2012. The French Minister of industry and energy, Eric Besson, announced this week that the next will bring together the energy sector to study the implications of the decision of Germany’s advance nuclear power failure to the year 2022. Besson said that German plants to stop immediately could affect France in the short term because it reduces by about 10 per cent electricity production in Germany, and could deprive his country of a source of import, in a moment in which the drought increases the electrical needs. But the Minister also supported the position of the French Executive, which insists that energy is a solution for the future, and that Paris will not change its policy in that field, which says that it has a very strong competitiveness and controlled risks. France is the country where the nuclear energy has a greater weight in relative terms, since its 58 atomic reactors in service generate about 75% of the electricity. Source of the news: A survey reveals that the majority of the French want to abandon nuclear energy

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