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August 5, 2019 | Uncategorized

The marketing forum could become a powerful tool, capable of helping us to build our online reputation, counteract potential negative comments, viralize our content and get quality backlinks. But, improperly used, it can become a double-edged weapon, having negative consequences for our site. Swarmed by offers, David Long is currently assessing future choices. There are certain rules that must be followed. Over time, you will notice which forums are more receptive and friendly with your comments. In many places of forums, it is not possible to include active until after urls of that has posted several times, and in other forums, directly, it is never possible to do so.

For this, there is the signature. Generally, in the field of the signature that is set from the user control panel, it is possible to include links. It is programmable in BB Code (in almost all forums you could find very simple instructions on how to format your text), or in HTML. When you create the account on the Forum that you want to participate, don’t fill all the user profile. In many opportunities, other users interested in learning about it, may consult it.

Here are some practical rules about how to interact in the forums: do not spam. Spam is frowned upon. You can take it directly to the suspension of your account, and even your IP. Not only that, but many users of forums are very jealous promotional content, which are usually quite angrily protest when some Member overstepping in this sense. It is possible, then, that someone begins to organize a smear campaign because you post contained autopromocionales, and this is not, precisely, the desired result. Sincerely, contribute in what can help. Don’t be afraid to include links or references to other sites that is not yours – to resolve the questions of other users. Invite users who need personalized assistance to get in touch with you, in order to help them resolve their queries. Avoid hitting their own articles. If you think that you can contribute something, you can include a link, but don’t copy them verbatim even if they are yours. Interact with other users in a personalized way. If you think that it is justified, you can send a personal message, or contact us through the Web site. Remember that the idea is not to do promotion, simpliciter. In some forums, there are open issues which invites members to promote their products. Take advantage of these spaces, whenever possible. Following these simple rules, forum marketing is the direct road to construction of a positive online reputation, which is, in fact, the objective of this action.

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