Feng Shui

January 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

Today the science has verified that the nature of the things is vibratory.Everything what we see, we heard, we even eat and we are or we thought is a vibration. It is not a concept easy to assimilate for us everything what he surrounds to us is, simply, matter, but the old Chinese wise people already knew the essence the life: everything vibrates, is only energy. To this species of universal vibration that constitutes soul of all whatever exists called Chi It is not difficult to guess that there are vibrations with qualities or others. The millenarian Chinese philosophy catalogued all whatever exists in Yin and Yang, that are concepts that include all the possible qualities of the energy. It is not the one best one than another one, is complementary and they could not exist the one without the other.

What means all this? That the balance is fundamental. All the vibrations affect to us of direct form, we lived literally submerged in one soup of Chi. Feng Shui means Wind and Water, two concepts that describe to the movement and the essence of the Chi. The energy, the Chi, must always remain in movement, of subtle, smooth, beneficial form. If it is not thus, one stagnates and one corrupts, like the water. If one moves of violent form it can become a storm that devastates all whatever finds its step. Again we must look for an average term, the balance. The practice of the Feng Shui is based indeed on harmonizing the vibrations of all whichever surrounds to us the Chi so that our life vibrates in the same syntony that marks to the nature, eliminating therefore the blockades and the difficulties. One treats, really, to flow to the same rate, with the same melody of the universe, to let themselves prevail by the natural laws and to recover the essence of the human being like one more a part of the nature and the cycles of the life. Everything a challenge for our present western civilization.


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