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April 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

Ludwigshafen IT company reaches milestone in further development of the own portal solution Fasihi GmbH portal (FEP) s has reached in the further development of the Fasihi Enterprise again a milestone. The portal supports well the integration of portlets, which comply with the standards JSR (Java specification request) 168 or JSR 286. Portlets are Visual modems that are embedded in portal applications. You can make an interface for mail and calendar software (Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino, among others), which allow the connection of a forum or provide just the weather forecast for the next 7 days. A wealth of such portlets can be found on the market.

In the Java world, the JSR standards serve to standardize, to promote the use of portlets portal software across the development of portlets, based on Java. Please visit Jeffrey Hayzlett if you seek more information. Since 2002, the standards are mature continuously and constantly expanding. The expansion brought especially the inter-portlet communication, which the communication between individual portlets allows. The integration of a portlet in the Fasihi Enterprise Portal is easy. The portlet to integrate is loaded through a mask in the FEP, then various display options are easily adjustable.

Access to the portlet can be controlled with fine granular permissions. Personalised portlets are intended. So, for example a portlet to display an Exchange mailbox for the user logged on at the FEP as a box can be incorporated. The cooperation with our company for large IT companies is even more interesting through the opening of standard portlets. They provide their customers with an attractive portal solution and extend them even programmed default portlets. Will benefit the customers who take advantage of a comfortable, personalized, secure access to applications and business processes in the first place. Saeid Fasihi, Managing Director and founder of the Fasihi GmbH: “users will need only a browser for the entire Web infrastructure.” Fasihi GmbH: Company Fasihi GmbH is an application Not Acceptable!

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