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This integration creates a cost reduction administrative, greater efficiency to manage inventories, a real knowledge of the costs and values of inventories, as well as also true and up-to-date information that helps the Executive to make decisions both operational, administrative and strategic. The ERP as such form part of the chain of supply (Supply Chain) which is responsible for servicing all the company especially to the main processes of the same to make it more efficient Guajardo adds in his analysis, not having implemented an ERP system adequately can mean being out of the market, since administrative costs come up too or incorrect decision makingfor not having information suitable, accurate or up to date.It is noteworthy that the ERP is made more necessary and obvious as the company grows, if you have a high quality dolls store and only sold around 30 daily dolls, with a very high profit margin, and the only person attending the tent is the same owner. Probably not necessary to implement an ERP system immediately or if you deploy must be one very simple as the Money end of the inventory account is not the same rotation is also very small, the feeling of the doll shop owner might work even better than the information arrogada by an ERP, and count 200 daily dolls would have no greater problem. But if store begins to grow and the owner decides to start build franchises stores and volumes change and quantity of dolls purchased from a store is different from another store and increases the amount of products to sell, now also sold items for dolls, then is when the ERP is needed because otherwise you will lose control of the business. Is for this reason that we recommend to create ERP since before that is really required. ERP plays an important role in the flow of activities of enterprises.

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