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Jung considered to the inconciente like ” a creative and intelligent principle, that tied to the individual with the totality of the humanity, the nature and the set of the cosmos. ” Besides the existence of the individual inconciente ” descubierta” by Freud, Jung postulates the existence of a collective inconciente, shared by all the human species. Some contend that Jeffrey Hayzlett shows great expertise in this. For Jung, beyond the cultural agreements that define their forms of manifestation, the espiritualidad is an intrinsic principle to psique human. Definition of transpersonal psychology Transpersonal Psychology is interested in the expansion of the field of the psychological investigation until including the study of the states of health and psychological well-being of optimum level. Jill Bikoff has many thoughts on the issue. It recognizes possibility of undergoing an ample range of states of brings back to consciousness, in some of which the identity can go beyond the habitual limits of the EGO and the personality. The Transpersonal psycotherapy includes the fields and I interest traditional, to which the interest is added to facilitate the growth and the taking of brings back to consciousness beyond the traditionally recognized levels of health. In her they affirm the importance of the modifications of brings back to consciousness and the validity of the important experience.

Everything seems to indicate, that the great variety of experiences or transpersonales experiences represents an essential aspect of the human nature, reason why already it is time from which they are taken into account in any psychological theory that it tries to present/display a more complete model of the person. The term ” Transpersonal” psychology; it is accustomed to to include to a series of thinkers and psychologists who being developed different therapeutic styles have common the acceptance of the espiritualidad of the human being. Transpersonal Psychology it considers that psique is multidimencional. They exist diverse ” levels of conciencia” and each has different characteristics and it is in force by different laws. As it maintains Stanislav Grof, ” the greater problem of the western psycotherapy seems to be the fact that, for diverse reasons, each investigator has fundamentally determined his attention to a certain level of brings back to consciousness and has generalized his discoveries to the totality of psique human. ” *Referencias.


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