Average Age Trends

June 20, 2019 | Uncategorized

Already the imperial one waved in its context a elitizado educational system that prioritized only the social classes. Of form that the popular classrooms time not to participate of this educational and social space. With sight to this confusion of ideas and information the republican period of the impulse to the movement of pioneering groups of intellectuals who had fought for the one worthier system of education for people. The process of transformation in the Brazilian education was very long and sufficiently shy, however it is important to point out that this exactly process has agglutinated many innovative ideas. To speak of transformation in the educational field is necessary involving in them with the proposal of education of the century of the XVII. 2,1 Passages Historical of the Didactics and Pedagogical Trends in Brazil a historical landmark that pointed one strong linking between the trends was the sprouting of the didactics as a science of the inquiry enters education learning.

In the proposal of diffusion of the Comnio didactics (1592-1670) it describes the practical theoreticians of science as an influence of organization of education as social, politician and cultual. Century XVII was a marcante period for education, in this time where Comnio still lived predominated the marks of education of the Average Age where it focused as norteador principle intelectualismo, verbalismo and the dogmatismo. Time that did not have space for the ideas, the pupils was prepared only for the so famous mechanical repetitions. Throughout the times the trends had had current forts of intellectuals who had thought a dressed education about the molds of the liberty of speech. The didactics was and has been the car head for the contextualizao of education in Brazil. In the last diverse times studies have attemped to explain the changes that are occurring in the scene of the pedagogical trends, had been classified in two liberal and progressive categories of matrix. David Long is likely to agree.


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