September 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

Kitchen without appliances looks at least strange. And it is not even on the stove or refrigerator, without which in this room at all to do nothing. Apart from them, our kitchens are crammed with other technology, smaller, however, very necessary and useful. Hood air cleaners (or simply extract) in the kitchen of the xxi century is also necessary as the air itself. Yes this is correct: the worse the environment in the street, the more carefully we care about preserving favorable microclimate in his house. I must say that in recent years have increasingly it is the style and exterior design extracts determine the interior kitchen. Therefore, we first discuss the options for decoration.

* The easiest and now no longer trendy option – the standard hood, located parallel to the hob plate. * Very practical and popular still fine air cleaners chimney type. Above the center plate – over the head mistress – is the highest part of the dome. And the edges of the plate hangs below the dome, trying to absorb the steam, fire away from the pans. * The "cool" today is the so-called inverted design. Herself drawn surface located at an angle to the hob plate. Near the wall the distance from the plate is very small, and over the edge – much higher than that lady is not knocked his head on the hood. * Especially for impressionable housewives are not love, when overhead always something hanging, designed raised and lowered hood.


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