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March 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

All Aion guides presents information and recommendations about the Stigma skills which you can get from the other classes in the game. Each player is capable of possessing five stones of Stigma as a maximum. The first can be at level 20. There are two ways to find them: complete the missions in the campaign; and defeat monsters. If you don’t want to waste time killing the mobs and have envelope the kinah, you can find someone selling them. What is the purpose of these stones? What it is that we can get the advantage? The response to sorpresar other players in cambates given that they won’t have any idea what skills we own by whereof, we can be one step ahead to our adversaries. Aion Online has issued the new patch in which includes the advanced stigma (Advanced Stigmas), which can be achieved by the abyss NPCs using abyss points. For more information about abyss points, refer also the unofficial Aion guides in Spanish if you don’t understood the official Aion wiki.

To equip (or socket, in English) Stigma stones character, should seek Stigma teachers who are in big cities. But you can not talk to them with nothing. It should be a good amount of fragments of Stigma (Stigma Shards, in English) for exchanging Stigma stones. It is advisable to collect fragments more than needed if not time left to harvest them in the future or simply to not lose time. Seems a basic tip, but yes it is very important not only for you obtaining Stigma stones, but for other cases also. In various Aion guides discussed the same subject and presents the implementation in common. In addition, all players should not forget that, just like the manna stones (Manastones, in English), if you want to remove the Stigma stones more later after having them equipped, fragments disappear.

I.e., they have to return to collect the fragments again. Some say that it is a waste of money to pay a cost for a guide of Aion whole. But more information we have on the game, more likely to lose less time wandering in the game without direction. A whole Guide, really, isn’t too expensive if we think of what we can get for it. If you want to have a look what have offered their Aion guides until today, visit Aion by Killer guides guides. Here you will find, among all, Templar Aion guides, guides Ranger Aion, Cleric Aion guides and guides Assassin Aion.


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