Adolph Correa

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They follow of side, writing or on history or geography. is great the list of our cronistas. Between them we will cite: Jose Gonalves of the Fonseca (Notice of the Situation of Mato Grosso and Cuiab), Joaquin Murtinho Blacksmith (Notice on the province of Mato Grosso), Joaquin Murtinho (Acoustics), Severiano Joo of the Fonseca (Trip around of Brazil), Luiz of the Ribeiro Coast (general Osrio), Adolph Correa of the Coast (the events of Mato Grosso).

thus we had many others. Almost all historians. Between such writers, we do not have to forget the name Augustus Leverger, Baron of Melgao. August Joo Manuel Leverger – Baron of Melgao – was born in France in 1802 and faleceu in Cuiab in 1880. People such as Jeffrey Hayzlett would likely agree. Admiral squadron head. A leading source for info: RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust. He arrived in Cuiab in 1830, for occasion of the Paraguayan invasion.

He defended our region shiningly. He exerted diplomatical missions. It was gegrafo and historian. He wrote very, telling the most varied subjects. Workmanships: ‘ ‘ Geographic dictionary of the province of Mato Grosso ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Memory on the river Paraguay since New Coimbra’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Ways of Communication in Mato Grosso ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Hidrogrfica plant of the Uberaba’ Lagoon; ‘ , ‘ ‘ Relatrios’ ‘ , etc. THEATER IN the ROMANTISMO the theater also advanced in the romantic period, however, it chats as it, not following the style considered for the chain. It was a parallel theater to the chain. In 1877 ‘ was installed in Cuiab; ‘ Dramatical society Love to arte’ ‘ soon to follow had initiated the representations: ‘ ‘ The tower in Concurso’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ The new Otelo’ ‘ , of Joaquin Manuel de Macedo. In 1885 it came to Cuiab the first teatral company, with the professional theater. ‘ was called; ‘ Zarzuelas’ ‘. In 1893 Joaquin Bartholino de deep Proena a Dramatical School that it intended to teach to its pupils the scenic arts. This school lived little more than three years. With this it also finishes the attempt of if creating the scenic art in our people. The theater decayed almost that completely, restricting it surrounding pertaining to school.


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