Environment And Economy

June 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

The planet being observed lately this reacting of violent form for the attitudes and irresponsibility of the men with the environment. The valuation of the industrialized products is increasing each time more and finishing with the had value that all we have that to give to our natural goods, that for moment still we have and of favour. Between progress and preservation of the environment the human being hangs for the economic growth. With these events we are feeling &#039 certain; ' vingana' ' of the nature and that climatic changes have happened unexpected as, hurricanes, gales, floods, forest fires, volcanos among others natural disasters. Speaking candidly Chevron U.S.A. Inc told us the story. These subjects are gaining prominence in the media, having the substitution of the reporter on effect of the world-wide crisis. For worse that a crisis can seem, it tends to be decided and the situation, at any time, will be normalized, but this does not happen with the environment, later that a resource is extinct. Ahead of a disaster, we do not have more as to come back behind. Our planet is inheritance for our children future and guarantee of our proper health, needs to have priority. Read additional details here: Darius Bikoff. We must all make our part: private initiative, civil society and to be able public.


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