Final Judgment

August 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

Expensive friends of day: At this moment where they start if to intensify the climatic phenomena of wide scale, as already we had foreseen that it would happen in 2008, the moment is of deep reflection on which way we will have to follow. Already we said that in 2008 the Global Heating left of being linear and became multiplicativo, or, even though, exponential it is not secret for who already knows our work of that such effect would start to be felt in China and the United States. Nothing more just, it has seen that they are world-wide the polluting greaters and the peoples who had always placed impediments in negotiations of ecologic nature. Currently the coast east of the United States suffers with become floods and, while the west with high temperatures and forest fires. In China, beyond already having been reached for an earthquake, now it faces floods in its south portion, with more than 20.000.000 (twenty million) of people reached In the reality in this year of 2008 these events if they had intensified, in way never seen, in all the regions it Planet. scientists walk saying that they do not know what she is happening That the changes are fast excessively Inform that this would happen! Also not is secret, for that they know the Bible and more they are espiritualizados, that at the moment where if it approaches the Final Judgment, the nature would demonstrate its dissatisfaction with the routes that the society took, fixing all and any goal in its degradation. The nature turned target wild exploration in money search, and, for that not yet they enchergam, we say: already it reached its exploratrio limit! It is enough to see the reactions, that some call of ' ' fury of natureza' ' It is fact that everything this is happening. As much the contacts of our The holy ghost Father, how much the natural occurrences of the forecasts God allowed in to know them with antecedence some events to try to recorrigir our routes and stops better preparing in them for mazelas that they will happen as resulted of our bad actions and our development without cares.


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