Los Angeles

December 26, 2013 | Uncategorized

Already in 1989, twenty years later, the studies carried through in the seismic abalos of that region had shown that the State of California could be if separating of the American Continent, what makes in them to conjecture in our transcendentais divagaes the trplice assumption in relation to the future destination of that littoral band: ) California will be able to be gotten loose and to submerge in the Pacific Ocean with its cities, also San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood and Disneyworld; b) could be transformed into an island, what certainly it would increase the tourist flow for that region, c) considering as true the assertion of being the lunar satellite a part of the Planet Land and to be the Californian region subjects the new similar cataclysms, will be able to get loose of the terrestrial crust a drain plug that is hundreds or bigger thousand of times that a common meteor e, under the pressure of incandescent lava that if agitate in the interior influenced by the bombardeamento of the match and the Uranian one in highest temperatures, also stimulating the planet in direction the opposite, which rubber balloon the flavor of the wind that it wanders in the space until depleting if it the last reserves of pressure, what it will not happen absolutely in similar way, since the metals and silicates, in contact with air, readily will enter in the solidification process, but that it will not hinder, however, of that it has a radical alteration in the planetary orbit, certainly justifying the apocalyptic forecasts of the Book of They are Joo, who foresees My Kingdom is not of this world! , will not be rock on rock , since the beginning of the times , to love the God on all the things, and your next one as you exactly! * * *


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