Symbolic Relations

June 11, 2016 | Uncategorized

In this sentidono it is possible to establish an unilateral determination between the two elements. Porconseguinte, to study the interface society – nature, in the perspective to deexplicar the relationships between these two domnios of the reality, to requerreconhecer that the ambient question has a paper important in the direction to dereorientar new relations of exploration generated on behalf of the progress negative comconseqncias to the nature. However one becomes necessary that asprticas of ambient management and the EA they are not characterized by the suaprovisoriedade, but, for its permanent construction and reconstruction permeada critical and emancipatrias porvises. AMBIENT EDUCATION NAATUALIDADE: A CRITICAL VISION EMANCIPATRIA In EA Loureiro (2008) questioned apertinncia of the ambient use in education and the persistence in all the dimensesanalticas of what it historically bases the analysis of the EA. In outrostermos, it searched the connection between the natural dimension and the social one. In turn, algunsautores consider that, all the social relations are ambient, therefore they serealizam in the local and planetary environment. In this direction, it placed that the indiscriminate use of the ambient adjective in the education poucocontribui to decide the confusion or not only to generate other levels of incompreenso.

However, it affirmed that its use if justifies in the direction to rescue dimensesesquecidas for educative making in the aspect of the agreement of the life and danatureza or to denounce the dichotomies of capitalist modernity and science to emtermos of the economic dimension, social, of the society-nature, mind-body, ematria-spirit. Opposing aessa idea, Pezzoli (2003) questioned the possibility of an education is> doambiente, of the space of the material, cultural and symbolic relations. On essaquesto the quarrels in a general vision are guided to know if all education is verdadeque nor is ambient and if all educative process occurs in umdeterminado surrounding and on the argument of that nor all EA estimates the mesmosignificado one of what it is surrounding and what is education.


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