North America

September 26, 2019 | Uncategorized

' ' The concept of Natural law is considered then under the support of the rationalism, that of course would belong to the man, because it had been born human and not for virtue of its social classroom, or for belonging the definitive country, ethnic group or religioso' '. As much the Iluminismo how much the English pioneirismo they had influenced in the constitutions of the English colonies in the North America. Already in 1663, the Constitution of Rhode Island proclaimed the beginning of the religious freedom, that not even England, had recognized. We will analyze of beginning the Bill of rights of Virginia, of 1776, that as we saw, proclaimed the right to the life, the freedom and the property. Other human rights had been express in the declaration, as the beginning of the legality, the freedom of the press and the religious freedom.

It shows the democratic beddings, recognition of born rights of all the person human being, which cannot mentally ill or be suppressed by a decision politics, this age the bedding of the first paragraph of the Declaration. It possesss 18 articles. The writing of these eighteen articles encloses born rights of the person, popular sovereignty, where all the power emanates of the people; equal protection of law, without distinction of social classrooms, religion, race or sex; condition equality politics of all citizen, which is, that all person can inhale to a government position; the citizens who demonstrate its condition of proprietor only are that, they are legitimated to vote; right and protection to the press freedom and institution of the court of the jury. In the Declaration of Independence of the United States, also of 1776, it has as tonic preponderant to the limitation of the state power and the valuation of the individual freedom. It is a document of inestimable historical value, that exactly influenced the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and Citizen (France, 1789) it inhaled and it served even though of example to the other colonies of the American continent and of the Europe.


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