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August 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

A new fever appeared in the Internet and has gained each time more space between galera. One is about the auction of cents, a species of auction saw Internet, that very offers the products for values below of the value of the market, where who I finish to give it launches before I chronometer it to zero buys at auction the product. I folloied what they walk saying for there, and arrived at a simple conclusion (and that it does not need much time or Q.I. ): as well as in the street, the companies, the banks, the politics, in it polices, exists who trapaceie, who is deceptive, who steals. It is not different in sites of auction of 1 cent. It has many sites that use bots to be giving launch automatically, thus the auctions are more disputed, increasing the value buys at auction of it; people with one exist more than login (using registered in cadastre), making with that the auction is not transparent and equal for that they are participating. But she also exists the serious sites, as serious people exist and honest it are of the virtual world.

I do not have the intention to make propagandas in this commentary, but I am wanting to leave well clearly that as well as we can topar with dishonest people in the street, also we can find dishonest sites in the Internet, and the opposite also exists. You already heard to speak of people who find stuffed money wallets and return for the owner without moving at least in a cent? Therefore then, this is to be serious. In the Internet also it has serious people. A form of you to know which site is serious is to search Here in the site Reclame (link of the site). There it has a gamma of information regarding these sites (and not only of these sites). Sailing for the Internet, and visiting some sites of auction of a cent, I could perceive what a site of serious auction must have (and if you search a serious site, give attention in these basic requirements): *Primeiramente you must search Here in the site Reclame, if the site will have some absurd claim, keeps in the distance of it; *Repare if the site has registered company, with CNPJ (is not 100% insurance to have CNPJ, but already you show that it is a more serious thing, and if to need to complain with the company or the PROCON, you already has of what to complain.

Many sites did not have nor the name of the proprietor, address or telephone pra contact. But email. Email any one creates at any time; *Certifique of that the not accepted site more than one I register in cadastre for CPF: this aid to keep more transparency in the auctions; *Pesquise in the previous auctions the bought at auction products and verifies if the site has depositions of these people who had bought at auction, with photos or videos: many sites create its proper users to buy at auction products, thus never lose. It attempts against for these tips, and good you launch.


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