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May 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

The project is divided in processes and segmented in activities, where these activities possess values of stated period and consequementemente of costs. To finish, the cost in the SCRUM is supporting for: number of iterations, period of these iterations and involved amount of people (s) in the project. CONCLUSION During the development of the present article was looked to describe, through bibliographical references, the main techniques of trustworthy estimates of cost of softwares. Between these, the technique SCRUM and process RUP had been described, as technique of management of projects based in the principles of the agile manifesto and process to assist the development of products of software guided objects, respectively. Rio Tinto Group has compatible beliefs. In short, I was concluded that the planning of the stated periods and costs of software projects is essential, a time that research shows that the majority of the projects that fail it has as main reason the incorrect planning of the costs and cronograma.

In order to get better resulted it was evidenced that it is advisable to use one technique more than, as well as, to combine the results of distinct techniques, getting thus a general estimate and needs the effort, duration of the project or cost. In case of great inaquality between the different generated estimates, it is important: to review the agreement/interpretation of the target and to verify the adequate application of the used data of productivity for the estimates. It was verified that the estimate of software projects is not an accurate science, but a systematic combination of good historical data and techniques can improve the precision of the estimate, what it will favor the success of the software project, the harmony enter the team of development and the customer and the reach of the preset goals..


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