Sanitary Reformation

April 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

Two types of treatment for the chagsico, specific (against the parasite) and the symptomatic one exist (against the manifestations of the illness). In those chronic individuals in the indetermined form, the specific treatment can eventually provide to benefit, minimizing the delayed evolution of the illness in certain cases, exactly without the attainment of parasitolgica cure. For this form, then it fits to the doctor to decide on the indication or not of the treatment, in individual character. The available Drugs are the Nifurtimox (corporate name Lampit, currently is of market) and the Benzonidazol (Rochagan, found in pharmacies). It is not restricted, between us, the transmission of tripanossomase American only for the T. infestans.

Other species of &#039 persist in the Brazilian environment; ' barbeiros' ' , that they will be able to occupy the niche of the eliminated species. The proper elimination of the T. infestans requires a consolidation process, to detect and readily to destroy eventual focos residual. In this context, the word key is monitoring epidemiologist. One becomes necessary, over all, to lead in account that from the year the 2000 Sanitary Reformation decentralized the actions of control then carried through by the FUNASA, transferring them it the States and Cities, that are independent to take the handle the necessary monitoring (Days, 2006). The program of control of the illness of Chagas in Brazil arrived at the height between 1984-85, after this phase initiated a long shunting line phase of staff for the Program anti-Aedes.

With the elimination of the Triatoma infestans, control of the transfusional and congenital transmission, the actions against the illness of Chagas and corresponding research had lost the necessary weight politician to be continued. The continuity is absolutely necessary, as form to consolidate the control of the illness of Chagas in the country. It must be taken in consideration the domiciliao of secondary and wild triatomneos, migrations and urbanization human being, decentralization of the actions of health, deactivation of intuitions as the FUNASA.


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