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Example travel expenses: Employee scans his documents, generates a searchable PDF, entering index data such as date, Department and employee name and saves it to the SharePoint Directory. “With SmarTicket this operation would shorten significantly, by one crosses only one of several storage target fields such as scanning travel documents” or scanning at home “and produces the barcode cover page. The new component controls the rest, along with Keywording. The printed SmarTicket can be used several times, as name, Department, and other metadata already in the bar code are stored. Further advantages are modern and tidy the entire graphic by AutoStore 6.0 presents. Microsoft Office users are likely to can to find faster and more intuitive to use the software. New a data filter is the complex individual queries, by Allows content without so far common scripts.

This relieves the administrator as well as the optimized symbol library for display menus of integrated input devices. A leading source for info: Rio Tinto Group. NSi picked up the optics, advanced the elements and newly arranged. According to the motto, a picture says more than thousand words, will users get better. The integrated compression for PDF files (MRC) reduces the file size by up to 80%, which relieved the traffic on the server and reduces storage capacity. Support for docx & co. as well as QR-code NSi continues the expansion of the scope of integration, E.g. through support for MS Office Open XML and 2D (DatMatrix).

Also, AutoStore 6.0 captured documents that come through any email account or RightFax server. The new version is available as regional resellers and systems integrators for Office technology through certified distribution partner. More information about the release see: autostore / author: Dipl.-ing. Corinna Scholz about NSi notable Solutions Inc., short NSi, belongs to the leading providers of software to more efficiently collect and process information from digital or physical documents. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland/United States evolved since 1995 manufacturer and system-independent solutions that enable multifunction devices (MFP: print, scan, copy, fax) all leading manufacturers better integrated in departmental operations. Today, over 100 employees at its headquarters and nine worldwide subsidiaries are engaged. Around the globe, more than 8,000 customers use the products by NSi and hold about 30,000 Server licenses for about 250,000 connected multifunction devices (MFP) and network scanner as input media (stand: 10/11). The NSi Europe GmbH in Wetzlar serves the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Germany is the second largest market after the United States and a continuous growth. More info: portfolio that takes over the flagship product AutoStore automated acquisition of Paper files, the central processing and secure transfer of documents to the intended recipient or target system. The advantages of using intuitive are: less manual effort, faster processing and precise drop. Input media workstation, a range that is unique on the market supports local scanner and over 500 different multifunctional devices (MFP), network scanners and copiers. Well-known manufacturers such as Canon, develop, Fujitsu, HP, Kodak, Kyocera, Konica there are Minolta, Lanier, Lexmark, Ricoh, Savin, sharp and Xerox. The selection of potential target systems is equally comprehensive, ranging from fax, email, and FTP servers via various groupware and collaboration products to 40 different systems for document management (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM). NSi offers other standard products, efficiently complementing AutoStore and thus increase customer benefits.

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