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More specifically, in the region where to the Square of the Nations and the Bonsucesso Station would be constructed, of then the Leopoldina Railway (Railroad Leopoldina, from the decade of 1940). According to site of the club, its first official field was in the Street Uranus, inaugurated in 03.02.1918, in a defeat of 3×4 for River FC, decided for Martins Maximum. 03%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Karen Edwards may help you with your research. Its as field, in the Av. of the Democratic ones, inaugurated in 03.05.1927. In the preliminary, the teams of the house goleou Pottery AC for 4×1.

In the main game, They are Cristvo AC applied one 4×2 in the CR Flamengo. In 1931, the club gave beginning to a project: to mount a imbatvel teams e, for this, to give to all the necessary conditions. The strong man of the club was Juan Manuel Cabalero, a Uruguayan consolidated in the River, and the director of sports was Anbal Bastos. For the teams, he obtained a young that estreara in the previous year, for the Syrio and Libanez AC, club that was off of the Association Metropolitan of Athletical Sports (Amea): Lenidas Da Silva, the famous Black Diamond. For technician, another novice: Gentile Cardoso, also of the Syrio. When the majority of the clubs still was reticent in the acceptance of afrodescendentes players, the surprising Bonsucesso of 1932 had seven blacks in Gentile field and in the command. How much to the infrastructure for this project, the Bonsucesso if moves for ampler and modern headquarters, with a better field, that inaugurated in 1929, in n 54 of the Av. Teixeira de Castro (name of a doctor who was one owner pharmacy (sic) in the Plaza of Bonsucesso, was benefactor of the quarter and friend of the club; curiosity: the room of trophies of the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro if calls Alfonso Teixeira de Castro, who was leading athlete and of the tricolor), old New Road of the Device of the Rock.


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