Deflation – Inflation Currency Reform?

September 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

Investment opportunities 2010 – the Fox Geldanlagbuch 2010 theme: explode the deficit of the industrialized nations. But consumer prices start to fall. Currently. But: it stays that way? Are deleveraging the States do not have the (hyper) inflation? Or is there even a currency reform at the end? And how could she go across the stage? Editor Ralf Vielhaber, his editorial team and many renowned guest writers provide answers. The most important answer: The inflation measurement is wrong. Because because the monetary authorities only on consumer prices, make sure they do have inflation in asset prices not in sight.

The result: Cheap money – even from the multibillion-dollar rescue packages to prevent the financial crisis – finds his way to the capital markets. So investors can indeed make money. But it also constantly new financial market bubbles. So what is to be expected in this context for the year 2010? To estimate that, FUCHSBRIEFE analyze also the development of each new book in addition to the title theme Asset classes. It follows”a ride through the regions, which makes the opportunity and risk markets all over the world find. “Help on uehrlicher views of single units: Fund investments, fixed-income investments, alternative investments, real estate, commodities, diamonds, art and other exotic animals” are analysed and evaluated. The reader will also look into fundamental issues, such as tax changes and their consequences. At the end of a thrilling views of the investment year beyond 2010 completes the book. For more information, investment opportunities 2010: from the content of investment opportunities in the emerging markets, the new engine of the markets three equity portfolios for the 2010 gold in the vault – but how? Why buy another fund? The trends in the art market for collectors and investors and diamond: from cars to the cigar at the beginning of the Decade of green technologies in real estate investments: which fits to who? Provocative: Why more banks? Do not! Stefan Ziermann FUCHSBRIEFE, head of the Department

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