Zbigniew Brzezinski

May 16, 2016 | Uncategorized

The stage in progress, is that Russia will continue approaching and providing arms to anyone who is deemed enemy of the United States. The American left as well as the extreme right, have as a scapegoat to Israel, and Obama will push to limit to the Jewish State so it subsides positions in favour of Arabs. Among his advisors there are anti Zionists and anti-Semites from the likes of Zbigniew Brzezinski, that could lead to a deterioration in sensitive and even breakdown in relations between Israel and the United States. Without having even designated a Secretary of State, the President announced that he supported the Saudi plan a Trojan horse for which Israel retracts to the 1949 borders, in exchange for its recognition as a nation by the Arabs, which means to deprive it of its past historical, cultural and religious, because they would force him to abandon his capital, Jerusalem; the Western Wall, Judea, Samaria, and the Golan, exposing their cities to their mortal enemies. In addition would be the transplantation of millions of Arabs to the area, which alegarian be descendants of Palestinians. In short, the initiative call Saudi is a ruse to trap and destroy Israel. Since the new President’s agreement with return to the British in the Middle East imperialist past, could do something more equitable starting from home, returning to the Mexican States of California, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona, or better still, both Obama as all immigrants and their descendants who came to North America in the past two and a half centuriesthey should restore them honorably its territories to Indians and returning to their countries of origin.

It is time to harmonise the words with actions according to the revisionist justice in vogue. United States has just 232 years, before its colonization by millennia he belonged to its original inhabitants constituting more than 100 independent Nations. Israel has 3,300 years of Jewish history. Who has more right to the land that occupies? Internally, Obama will find a country ideologically divided as never before, which may result in racial clashes. The Nazis, heads Rapadas and white supremacists, are in a State of emergency. On the other hand, the nation of Islam and the Black Panthers, believe the new owners of the country.

In his time, face criticism arising against the new ruler, the leaders of the African American liberals of the style of Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan, accuse opponents of Obama’s racist, using their ethnic status to protect its President from political opposition, triggering violence, as it was the case with the famous Rodney King, which served as an excuse to turn Los Angeles into a large bonfire. I would like to share a millionth of the hope of several friends who see in Barack Obama a positive change, unfortunately nothing indicates that this is the future to come. From Jimmy Carter, there was a radical President, inexperienced and unreliable.


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