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It all started with what we decided – it's time to build a house. Indeed, two years in a rented apartment made themselves felt. The latter approach us for the price and location (relatively close to the center of Voronezh), but that its benefits completed. First, it was on the ground floor of the house, which was isolated basement wrong, and we had a terribly wet all year round. Second, in the apartment upstairs living clearly future talent specialized in playing Piani … excuse me, on the nerves. Chado clearly set the objective to get rid of us and at the same time all blizzhivuschih neighbors.

Sounds like penetrating through thin walls, and through ventilation. Third, the windows of our a removable housing out of the busy street, and at night we fell asleep to the sound of hurrying cars forever. What to say about clean air … In general, the decision was made. My husband has experience in raising capital giving, so the construction small house, as in finance, and by the time we had available. Business for small – to find the coveted site where we could erect our 'tent'. Voronezh – city of great opportunities (regional scale, of course). As usual looking for land? That's right, or through intermediaries (real estate), or through the newspaper, trying to catch the owner in order not to pay realtor.

We went the second way. Newspapers with ads in Voronezh, a little: Camelot From hand to hand and my ads. And that's important in choosing a newspaper? That's right, the relevance and timeliness of information. Of the three sources we have left one (Camelot), the fastest in terms of the appearance of ads (from the end of the reception Ads in the current issue before the newspaper goes for about 15 hours, well paid ads can be seen on the site yet to twelve hours before the printed version). But! In view of a surge (or maybe it was up to us?), All decent deals directly intercepted in the morning. Secretly we were told that there are a couple of places where Camelot appears in six in the morning … Well, that's six in the morning with a cheerful real estate agents, it turns out, and start hunting. In general, during the search section we slept a little. In any case, during the exit of Camelot (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) – that's for sure. At six, we certainly did not run a newspaper, but half of the ninth to all options on a given day we have studied … And so it went month, until one morning we were lucky not to come across an ad with an attractive phrase "Urgent Sale". Young man, probably just turned on my mobile phone, so we were the first. After a brief conversation it became clear that the price is more than funny – for a site in the near suburbs with building materials for the first floor … It could be more cautious so suddenly the best of circumstances, but the owner explained that he urgently needed money for eye operations (the guy really had a problem with the eyes), so he sells his land for a price at which bought the land five years ago. We could not believe his luck, but all had the best possible way. Now we live in a wonderful village near the town in his house, built in the way we wanted. Who is looking for, as they say …

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