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Almost every day we meet people who tell us that we can’t, or we have no possibilities of making something. These people may be relatives, teachers, friends, colleagues, among others. Many of them with the best intentions, may be that they do not believe or do not see things that we see in our mind. So many people tell us that we cannot, because they themselves cannot be their own dreams, to this impossibility, it is very difficult that they can see others achieve their own dreams. But what to do in these cases? Do how can I live my own dreams?, how to take action on the things that interest me and achieve them?, how can I deal with the external obstacles make my dreams? Do or how face the opinion of people who tell me that I can not? In this article I will explain how to apply the strategy of evaluation of dreams, baptized as 3Q! and as this strategy, it has helped me slowly making my dreams 1. Who told you that you could not? She had completed classes in the University and I needed complete the thesis requirement, project I would take approximately 6 months, had my 2 small children, then a friend remember that told me something more or less well or dream that you’ll be able to finish college, with a job, two children and a House to attend. But my studies was something that I had decided at the age of 14 years, and already had 26, had studied 6 years, had also worked to pay for my studies. He didn’t want to give up my dream. Does do a few days later I met with my dad and he asked me that I was going and I told him that I wanted to do my thesis, but he could not, and he asked me some questions and one of them was: who told you that you could not?, and I told him the story, and my dad asked me, Teresa and he already completed his thesis?, and I told him NO!then it is impossible that you can give advice on a way that he himself, he has not yet traveled.


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